October can be a spooky month filled with costumes, pumpkins & ghouls, vampires, haunted houses and black cats.  


Shelters have noticed over the years a surge of adoptions of black cats in October.     They have found some of these adoptions end in cruelty with satanic rituals or use for their "costume" or decor for the Halloween Holiday.    Some black cats are returned after the Holiday for reasons - they just did not work out.   This too is cruel as every animal needs a forever home, not temporary.


You will find adopting a black cat this time of year will require additional paperwork about adopting black cats this year and a certification that you have no ulterior motives other than adopting a new pet.     I know I did twelve years ago when I adopted my black cat AJA in October and was horrified that anyone could have those thoughts.




Aja in the sun





Happy Halloween!