Fake Listings


Got another call from an investor that wanted to see a For Sale By Owner.   I asked if he had the number to reach the Seller, and he did not.   So, my investigative resources started working, and found the Seller's place of employment, and luckily she was at work.

NOT.... for Sale 

It was very apparent by her tone that she was SHOCKED that I would be calling her to see her house, since IT IS NOT LISTED!    She asked where I found it, and I told her it was listed as an active listing on Redfin.    She then pulled up her listing, and the same photo was on-line that was used when she bought it five years ago.    The square footage was not right either.


I told her to give Redfin a call and have them take it down right away.     These aggregates enter listings not for sale so they can sell the leads to real estate agents needing buyers.    This same goes for those "Pre-Foreclosures", these homeowners do not even know they are being listed!


BUYERS - contact a REALTOR® to help find a listing that is not fake, and you won't be wasting your time!