Do you have a newer roof?    Do you know if you have defective shingles?


I have had two homeowners had their roofs checked and found to have Tamko shingles and they were defective.  No way to certify the roof if the buyer asked.   In fact, a couple of inspectors have actually put on their report they were Tamko defective shingles.   These are composite asphalt shingles, so if you have a concrete tile roof or a metal roof, you will not be impacted.


One of my homeowners had bought the home two years earlier, so the roof was still under warranty and my roof inspector was instrumental in helping him get the shingles replaced.   It did not cover all expenses, but the majority of it.


If you have thought about selling, it is wise to have the roof checked prior to the inspection, and KNOW what/if any repairs are needed.    It could save you thousands!