E-470 Board of Directors approved a toll rate reduction to begin in 2022.


2020 had fewer cars traveling this highway, 2021 saw a significant return of traffic, and with the ongoing pandemic, it was voted unanimously to approve a new toll rate policy and lower rates at all mainline tolling points over the next three years to help continue moving more people in the Denver-metro area.


Starting January 1, 2022, E-470 customers will see a $.05 decrease at all tolling points and a $.10 decrease at Toll Plaza A-one of the busiest tolling points to the South in Douglas County.   Customers will expect to see another $.05 and $.10 reduction in 2023 and in 2024 beginning January of each year after review and approval from the Board.

This photo is difficult to read - click here for the rate tables.   The new rates will go into effect 1/1/22.


The debt incurred with this toll road is scheduled to be paid off in 2041.  Currently, $.041 of every toll dollar is going toward paying down that debt, while the rest is going to operations, maintenance, and roadway improvement projects with $.21 set aside to prepare for future programs and road enhancements.


Good news for those of us traveling on the East side of the Denver metro area.   This is the most efficient highway, as we can travel 75 miles per hour.