The past several years have been tough for Buyers, and you had to have really thick skin to be in the market, and you still may have been bid out.     The market has shifted, and it is no longer that frenzied market we experienced for so long.   You won't have to wait in line to view a home, you MOST LIKELY won't be against ten other buyers, and interest rates are still historically low.


Have you looked at what you are paying, and not know what you can buy for the same amount?   Most often to BUY a property, whether it is a condo, townhome or a single family, most likely your house payment will be lower than your rent payment, and probably get more for your money.  Here is more information for Buyers contemplating a purchase.


PLUS, did you know you can claim the interest you paid on your mortgage and the property taxes on your income taxes?   This will save some each week, if you change your deductions, but check with your tax professional before doing so!


Below find a chart with information for a Buyer interested in buying a home listed for a ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a 2 car garage built in 1986 with an unfinished basement - $369,900.

You do not need 20% down to get into a home, and the inventory has increased dramatically.   If you are paying $2500 for your home, then maybe you should call me and we can talk about your options.



Interest rates are based on one's individual credit, so give Ben Martin a call to see what you can afford, and what your house payment could/would be for a home!


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