Update:We are hearing that the "stay at home" order may be extended until 5/8/2020, and should find out today (4/24 or over the weekend).

Our latest Stay at Home Order was through 4/26, and I truly thought it would be extended, but our Governor yesterday said real estate brokers may again start showing homes.   No open houses, but in-person showings will be allowed.   We have to maintain social distancing, wear masks, disinfectant wipes and booties will be needed.



Our restaurants will be able to open after May 1st, but the placement of tables will need to be further apart.   Hair salons will be able to open, but everyone must wear a mask.   Nail salons will open, and masks will be needed.


Offices will slowly open but are urged to work from home if it is convenient.   Parks will open, and the social distancing will still need to be adhered to.  My fear will be some of the companies that closed, won't open again, and that will be very sad.


The longer we can keep from large groups will keep the virus from penetrating our society again, so we all still need to DO OUR PART!