Denver Metro Area Events

June 27, 2020

More Information on Lightning Strikes in Colorado


It is that time of year once again where we see afternoon storms pass over Denver almost every afternoon.   Some areas are spared, some are hit hard with rain and/or hail.   Yesterday there were even tornado warnings around Colorado Springs.


Lightning was plentiful, even if ...

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April 21, 2020

Denver will Start Opening Up - Slowly....


Update:We are hearing that the "stay at home" order may be extended until 5/8/2020, and should find out today (4/24 or over the weekend).

Our latest Stay at Home Order was through 4/26, and I truly thought it would be extended, but our Governor ...

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Jan. 3, 2019

2019 Postage Stamp Increase


If you do any amount of mailing, and use stamps, you may want to stock up on those forever stamps soon.   Eff. January 27, 2019, the cost of mailing will increase.



I know many REALTORS have stopped doing direct mail, and the very reason I continue ...

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March 22, 2018

Is your Teenager Looking for a Summer Job?


Every county in the Denver metro area has jobs available to teenagers for the summer.   Never too early to apply now, versus waiting until the day before school lets out for the summer.


Check the county's web site where you live under Work Force Center, and ...

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Dec. 10, 2017

What about Tiny Houses?


There is a rate on Tiny Houses right now with HGTV running their show, and in Denver, we just had the Tiny House Festival in Northfield (Denver) this past week.


A few things you need to know about these Tiny Houses!    There are built in about 45 ...

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Aug. 1, 2016

Why I love Living in the Denver Metro Area

Why I love Living in the Denver Metro Area


Some great reasons to live in the Denver metro area could be quite a long list!     Where do you begin?   Having lived here for over 50 years, I have seen the City grow immensely, and have ...

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July 11, 2016

Fire Bans in Colorado


With the heat of the summer, winds and low humidity in Colorado - fire bans have been put into place in many counties across our great State.   We currently have four very active fires burning in Colorado, some of which started due to negligent campers having campfires, and not ...

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Dec. 30, 2015

Looking for a Job in Denver? Here are the most In Demand Job Positions

Looking for a Job in Denver?   Here are the most In Demand Job Positions


Recently the Denver Business Journal posted the following job positions that were most in demand in the Denver metro area.  Looking for a job in Denver, check out these positions?   


1 ...

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Jan. 17, 2015

Recycling Roundup - Aurora, CO

Recycling Roundup - Aurora, CO 


It is illegal to put electronics into the regular trash, and ends up in the landfill.    It must be recycled, and luckily there is a recycling event coming up in Aurora.   Gather all your electronics you no longer need and put this date ...

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Oct. 24, 2014

Halloween Tidbits





October can be a spooky month filled with costumes, pumpkins & ghouls, vampires, haunted houses and black cats.  


Shelters have noticed over the years a surge of adoptions of black cats in October.     They have found some of these adoptions end in cruelty ...

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