Whether you are a first time buyer, move-up buyer, or a buyer coming into the metro area, you need representation from a broker that has experience and knowledge of the area.    The rules do differ from state to state, and you need a Broker that is on top of these differences.   


Buying a home requires attention to detail with the contract, deadline dates and all the details it entails to get to the closing table.   When our market was in a frenzy, a Broker needed to know how to "win the bid" for the Buyers.     When a Seller received multiple offers, it felt good to come away with the contract for my clients.


Buyer's agency requires many duties to the Buyers, including staying on top of all communication and within a quick time-frame.    I get back to my clients right away, so it doesn't leave them hanging for information on what is happening with their home purchase.


In the inspection during a strong Seller's market and during a Buyer's market could be quite different.  In order to "win the bid" in a Seller's market, you may limit the inspection items to be just health & safety.   During a Buyer's market you may want to ask the Sellers to clean the home professionally, clean the carpets or the ducts, along with all health & safety items.  


When you write the offer for the Buyer a Broker needs to know what the appraised value could come in at and relay that information before entering an amount into the contract.   Also, let the Buyers know what the ramifications would be if the appraisal came in low.   Does the Buyer bring the extra dollars to match the contract price, or does/would the Seller reduce the sales price, or meet somewhere in the middle?


Today with some SMART features in the home, also TVs that are attached to the wall, these are recognized as "fixtures" and should be addressed on the contract, not after the fact.   All parties need to know what to expect from Day One.    


There is a lot to know and to share with Buyers when you are representing a Buyer in a home purchase, and I have done so with many over the 20+ years in the industry in the Denver metro area.   I would be happy to help, just give me a call.