It is a known fact, anyone can walk into a New Home sales office, and buy a home.    You don't have to bring along a REALTOR to assist you - you can go it alone!   BUT, why would you, when representation is paid for by the Builder?   Let me explain a few reasons a Buyer SHOULD have representation to bring up some ideas - 


1.  The Sales Representative is very helpful, but when it comes down to it - they work for the Builder, NOT the Buyer.


2.  When something is or seems wrong, you are the only one to make any noise to HOPE the builder fixes your issues.   When you have representation, you have a REALTOR® community behind you.   It doesn't take long for bad news about a builder to spread in our cirles!


3.  Many times a Builder will offer incentives, but sometimes these options are not out in the open, and if you don't know to ask, you are missing out on some closing costs or upgrades paid for by the Builder.


4.   REALTORS® know the value of homes, and how would a potential buyer know the value without access to the MLS?   I recently showed some custom homes where there were NO comps without several miles to justify the price.


5.   Buyers get excited once looking at brand new homes.   All the beautiful finishes, knowing when they move in, that brand new smell, and no one has lived there before.    Did you pick the right lot?   Does it face North (here in Denver January can be miserable!)?    Does the lot back to open space or power lines/transformers?    When buying new construction you should always be thinking of resale value too.   When you build from a "dirt-start", you are able to go to the design center to pick your colors and options.    The builder won't discourage you to upgrade to the hilt, but will it appraise?   I have seen/heard of some Buyers that had a low appraisal, and had to bring extra money to closing to cover the shortage.    


6.  During the process of building the home home, there will be walk throughs provided by the Builder,   A REALTOR® will accompany a Buyer on all walk throughs and point out things of interest that the Buyer should know or be aware of.


A few years ago I had a potential Buyer ask why he needed me to buy a brand new home.   I met with him, and explained my value to his purchase, and I was with him when he decided to write on a brand new home.   During the process, the Builder had agreed to a couple of things the Buyer asked for, and a month prior to closing, these were still not addressed.   The VP of this Builder was at our closing because these items were NEVER addressed, but were in writing.    He got a check from the Builder at closing, due to being represented!   


If you have decided on a brand new home, and would like representation, call me.  I have assisted many Buyers over the years with their brand new home!