Moving from one state to another can be very stressful, but the REALTOR you choose can make all the difference! 


If you know the area, great, but if you don't, we need to explore areas so you get a lay of the land.   Know where the shopping is located, hospitals, dining and entertainment.   How far do you have to drive to arrive at work, or are you able to work from home.   That makes a huge difference.   Do you have school-aged children?    Check out the schools to see which ones would be acceptable, and we will look ONLY in those areas.  If you have a special needs child, you may need to call a few school districts to get a good fit.   Do the kids have sports or other functions?   How far away will these be?


THEN comes the specifics for the home!   What style of home do you prefer?    Ranch, two-story, multi-level or condo/townhome?    Do you prefer no stairs (or just a few), how about the basement?   Finished/unfinished or a walk-out basement?    I know some of my clients have said they don't care if they HAVE a basement, but here in Denver it will make a difference in resale if you don't have one.   We use them for additional living space and/or storage.    You want to use the garage to park the cars, not store stuff.    Then how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and do you need office space (one or two spaces)?   This has become very important since COVID and many are working from home.


Does the age of the home matter?    Do you need a formal dining room, formal living room?    Would you like an updated home, or are you willing to do some minor upgrades?    Do you need a garage, and if so, how many spaces would you like?    Do you have kids and/or dogs - do you need an ample backyard?


In the Denver metro area, we are blessed to look West and see the grandiose Rocky Mountains!    Would you like a view of the mountains, plains or water?   (We don't have much water though)


With many homeowners having the ability to work from home, I have had many requests for acreage, so they can spread out, have some farm animals, have a place for their toys (and not rent a storage space), or families are now living all together.   Finding a home that will meet multi-generational requests is easier now than in years past.  Some would just like to get out of the hustle and bustle of the metro area's traffic.   It is sweet to hear just NATURE, not traffic!



Maybe a gated community is what you have in mind?   We have a few sprinkled all over the Denver metro area.  Do you want to live near a golf course?     Are you looking for an active 55+ community?


So, to sum it up, there are LOTS of questions and then your local REALTOR here in Denver is your resource when you have to go back home and finalize plans in your current city.    I work tirelessly for my clients to make it as easy as possible when they come back to close and move into their new Denver home.


Have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.   I have 20+ years of assisting relocation families!