The US News & World Reports just published their 2020-2021 article - Best Places to Live in the US and 4 Colorado cities were in the top FIVE!


#1 - Boulder, CO

#2 - Denver, CO

#4 - Colorado Springs, CO

#5 - Fort Collins, CO


Colorado is known for its great weather (for the most part) and so many days where you can spend time outdoors with all types of activities in the City or into the mountains.   This makes it tough not to like!  Even when we get snow, it doesn't usually last long and melts.


#3 - Austin, TX

#6 - Charlotte, NC



I just had a client that could work remotely and this couple had a strong desire for YEARS to move to Denver and did so this past month.   They LOVE it!  With mountain views out every window on the backside of the house, and from their HUGE covered porch, they LOVE it!


Ready to work remotely?    Ready to make Colorado YOUR HOME?   How about living on acreage and not being so close to your neighbors?  Check out the current listings with homes with acreage! 


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