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If you have thought about selling your property, and have wondered what your property is worth, or how much you could make from the sale, contact me and I will provide you with this information!  Over the last couple of years, Sellers have seen more equity than over the previous five years!

I have sold homes across the Denver metro area for years, and have been able to surprise many sellers with more than they anticipated at closing, especially now with increasing values.    

Selling your home in today's market still helps when you have a completely turnkey home.   Clean, repairs made, etc.  Homes that need TLC will reap less on an offer than one with little to no repairs needed.  You can either sell a home as "fix-up" or "ready to move in".  The list prices will be definitely different!  Buyers always inflate the cost of these repairs and reduce their offer to reflect the needed repairs or pass on your home.


Once you have decided you would like to list your property, I will walk through your home, make suggestions on repairs, staging, colors and presentation to enable a top attainable price, and the least amount of time on the market.  The longer a home remains on the market, it tells the buyer they have more room to negotiate, and the flooring takes a beating with buyers touring.      Also, with a quicker offer, it lessens the stress of keeping the home clean, pets out of the home, and also the hassle of people coming and going during nap or dinner time.

I will do a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) with the comparables to be able to price your home correctly, and to give an estimate of days on market.  You will receive a net sheet to provide an estimate of the proceeds that would be expected at closing.  My marketing techniques, online presence, brochures, blogging, showing procedures will all be explained at the listing appointment!

In this Strong Seller's Market, you need an agent that knows how to create a frenzy and obtain several offers on your home.    There are many techniques I use, but in the end, my Sellers usually get higher than the sales price we start with and have no appraisal issues!  

Another tip - if you plan to buy another home, get PRE-APPROVED before you list your home, to insure you can qualify for the home you are hoping to purchase.   In Colorado, after you accept a buyer's offer, you cannot opt out of the contract because you cannot qualify for a home.  


I get many calls with these questions -

~ What is the true value of my home?

~ What improvements should I make to improve the value of my home?

~ What is curb appeal?

~ Do I need a professional appraisal done prior to listing?

I can answer all these questions - just give me a call!   Joan Cox - 720-231-6373



Contact me to find your current market value!