Federal Heights

The Town of Federal Heights was incorporated in 1940 by 31 residents seeking better well water by doing so.    A well was drilled 1,750 feet deep into Fox HIll Sands for a cost of $21,000 and was then known for a town with good well water.   This well was in operation until 1955.   Federal Heights became in City in 1977.


Some interesting facts about Federal Heights -

 ~ Federal Heights in located on 1.77 square miles

 ~ is 18 minutes from Denver and 12.2 miles away

 ~ Population in 2010 census was 11,467

 ~ The median age is 31.2 years

 ~ Zip code is 80260

 ~ Elevation is 5,535 feet above sea level

 ~ Median household income is $33,528

 ~ 21.99% of residents are foreign born


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